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When we meet

How can we help you?

East Surrey Group of Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists meet at Bletchingley on the second Sunday each month to conduct observed runs. Although we may be able to accommodate you if you turn up on spec, it’s better to call our “Associates Co-ordinator”, Janne, and book a suitable time or visit the events booking via the home page.

Runs last for approximately 1.5 hours and start at 9:00 or 10:30 on the Sunday morning.

What you will need:

  • One concerned driver, fully qualified but willing to learn
  • One roadworthy vehicle. Use whatever you have in your garage, from a 2CV to a Bentley Turbo, a Ford Cortina to a Transit van, manual or automatic, vintage or adapted for disability
  • Space in the chosen vehicle for one of our observers
  • Associate membership of East Surrey Group of Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists.

Over a few months, these ingredients can produce a fine IAM member but some of the following items will also help…

  • An East Surrey Group better driving course (call Janne for details)
  • How to become an Advanced Motorist (another book)
  • Know Your Road Signs (yes! the book you’ve been meaning to read for ages)
  • A demonstration drive by an Observer
  • Roadcraft, the video
  • East Surrey Group social events (lots of).

Study, practise and serve cool to a friendly examiner.
Then enjoy the full benefits of IAM membership!