About Us

One of our main activities is helping others to achieve the standards required to pass the IAM Roadsmart test and we do this through the Associate members scheme.

Every month you can receive expert guidance while you drive your own car over a varied route starting at our centre in Bletchingley.

Associate membership is open to anyone who holds a current, full driving licence.
We can help you to pass the Institute test in a private car, motorcycle, towing a caravan or in a minibus.
To get started call 01737 821331 but if you drive a bus or truck, you will need to seek help elsewhere.

We now have an Advanced motorcycle arm of the group.  For more information please see here: Motorcyclists Information


What it costs

Associate membership of our group is included in the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Course package which costs one hundred and forty nine pounds and includes up to twelve months’ advice from our team of fully qualified observers. Click here for more details.

We are always pleased to welcome full members who have already passed their IAM test. Subscription is only ten pounds per year and you can join a full range of activities helping others to “make the grade” or just socialising. We can also help you to become an observer yourself through our observer training scheme.

To become an Advanced Motorist….
  • You don’t need any special kind of car or motorcycle
  • You won’t have to pass any entrance exam
  • You can receive FREE guidance from our trained observers.
So come and join us to see if you can make the grade.

Click here to apply now.

or call 01737 821331 but during sociable hours only please.